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Meet the designer behind Janelle Monáe's vagina pants!

Move over, Björk! Designer Duran Lantink, stylist Alexandra Mandelkorn, and Janelle Monáe are responsible for one of the decade's most iconic looks: the vagina pants featured in Monáe's video for PYNK.

Director Emma Westenberg requested that designer Lantink create seven pitches for outfits for the PYNK MV that had a "vagina look and feel." In the end, the vagina pants won out, with each pair individually made using stretch cotton, pleated silk, tulle, and silk. (Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring the pants to market.)

In the video, no two pair of vagina pants is the same, with each featuring unique shapes, colours, and fabrics:

In addition, two dancers did not wear vagina pants at all, leading some fans to speculate whether or not the dancers were intended to represent trans women:

PYNK continues to win over both critics and fans with its vibrant visuals and unabashed celebration of self love and sexuality, as well as Monáe and Tessa Thompson's intersectional approach to feminism and womanhood.

For many, PYNK is a welcome celebration of black women, their bodies, and their sexualities, all the while reminding us that celebrating ones body is not in and of itself an exclusionary act. Monáe and Thompson's responses made no apologies but instead opened the door to further dialogue and assuaged the concerns of many fans.

Dirty Computer drops on 27 April 2018.

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OP note: I'm making this post in response to numerous messages about the previous post. I'm on an ONTD sabbatical for exams, so catch yall later!
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